Friday, September 1, 2017


   I am just getting back into the groove of working on my Z store, but I am loving a lot of the products that are being offered now. One of those is leggings! I can't wait until the weather cools down in my area so I can start pulling out my leggings and boots. I'm so ready. 

Check out some of these stylish leggings

Faded Purple Leggings

Pink Lily Leggings

Diamond Pattern Leggings

Fake Jeans Leggings

Jack Skellington Pattern 2 Leggings

Paris Eiffel Tower Leggings

If you liked those cute designs, check out more at Zazzle.

Do you like leggings or are you opposed to the fashion trend? 

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Excited for Autumn

   I don't know about you, but Fall is my favorite season hands down. I love everything about it. Well, except for pumpkin flavored everything. I know... I know... I'm insane. Pumpkin just doesn't do it for me though. 

I Hate Pumpkin Spice! Funny Fall Halloween Cooking Adult Apron

My favorite thing about Fall/Autumn is the dramatic change in scenery. It is symbolic of how even in death, there is beauty. The leaves fall from the trees but they fall so elegantly and in their own time. Leaves of every color and shade fall to the ground and cover it like a blanket. It is nature's artwork.

Speaking of artwork, check out this cool autumn themed postcard featuring a cute little alien raking leaves under the sidewalk!

the lazy leaf-raker postcard

Autumn is a beautiful time of year, despite that it is an indicator of an impending end to the year itself. Although it is a visual reminder that all things come to an end, many of us find it to be a perfect time for new beginnings. Statistically, the most popular seasons for weddings are in the summer and autumn months. 

Rustic Autumn Leaves String Lights Save the Date Postcard

What's your favorite season? Share in the comments. 

Thanks for reading! Have a blessed day.

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Monday, May 22, 2017

My First Time Potty Training. What Works?

So this article is a little off course from my usual blog content, but I just wanna vent today. Of course, if you're reading and you have any tips or advice on the subject matter, I welcome it in the comments.. just don't be a negative Nancy.

Finding my way in the SAHM world doesn't seem to be an easy task. I feel overwhelmed by so much to do and now I am trying to potty train two toddlers! Thank God for the internet, that's all that I can say, because otherwise I think I would tearing my hair out. 

There are so many great blogs and articles on how to do things, or fun activities for indoors when it's raining, and DIY kid friendly crafts and experiments that will surely entertain. You can check out my DIY Frugal Fun & Baby & Kids Stuff boards on Pinterest for some nifty things.

Getting back to the potty training. I am really struggling with this. How do you know when they're really ready? I thought for sure it was when they began pulling off their pants and diapers, and when they don't fill a diaper overnight. 

How does one deal with not 1 but 2 very active toddlers who take their diapers off and run around the house naked... in opposite directions?! How do I wait until they're ready without trails of urine lining down the halls? 

I decided, I'm not waiting. I'm not going to rush them or push them if they aren't ready. But I'm not waiting either. We decided to buy 2 of these Fisher Price Learn to Flush Potty's 
and now every single time I go to the restroom, they come with me. I ask them each time if they would like to sit on their potty. Right now, they are happy to sit on the potty... in their pants and/or diaper. But for me that's okay. I want them to feel comfortable sitting on it and don't want to pressure them to use it. They do love to flush the potty and hear the sounds it makes. 
I am currently trying a reward system too, but I'm not so sure how well it's working. We are currently using stickers. We bought a few of these Fun Express Zoo Animal Rolls to reward them when they sit on the potty without a fuss and don't climb the bathroom counter. 

I also saw these super cute Potty Training Stickers on Zazzle 

Do you/ did you use a reward system when potty training? 
What worked best for you? 
Share your tips and tricks for potty training in the comments. I will take all of the help I can get. :)

Thanks for reading my potty training rant.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Life is a Blur...

     Friends, followers, and strangers... well, you're all pretty much strangers by now since I have been absent for some time. I'm really trying to get back into my groove of things because I miss it so much. 

What has happened since I have been away? Twins, a new home... chaos. 

I wouldn't have it any other way, though. Sure, there are some details that I would (if I could) have just skipped over and not went through at all, but those things are also what helps us to grow and change. 

      Anyways, although I haven't really been blogging or doing much writing at all for a long time, I still have been taking photographs and designing any time I get the chance. It's a power struggle, but I refuse to let life consume me and I forget my passions.

That does happen you know... sometimes we just get too busy to enjoy life. Too busy to enjoy the little things. We're always in a rush to get somewhere or to cook, clean, and then go to sleep so we can do it all over... and then we miss it. We miss life. It is right in front of us and it's beautiful. We simply don't stop, breathe, and take it all in.

That's what I love about photography. That is mostly what this blog was meant to be about... photography. It is all about capturing the moments, people, things, and places that matter most to us. It helps us to kind of freeze life for that instance, and then we can keep going back to it over and over as we look at the images. Memories unfading... especially now that we have online photo storage.

     In one of my last posts(forever ago), I told you about my twin boys. Well, they will be 2 years old soon- next month in fact- and we're super excited! They have so many things that they love, that we just aren't sure what theme to go with for their birthday this year. 

Last year we went with Minions and it was perfect! We even had a minion for a cake! Well, it was a bunch of cupcakes placed together to make a minion... but it was a hit! Check out one way to make your own minion cupcake cake here.

These are some of my ideas for their party this year. I just love these invitations, they are adorable!

Sesame Street | Elmo - Cupcake & Confetti Birthday Card

I love this Elmo themed Invitation. The boys really love Elmo right now... I think it's the sound of his voice that gets their attention. They definitely favor Elmo over the other Sesame Street puppets.

Finding Nemo Birthday Invitation

by disney

My husband and I took our boys to see an aquarium in Charlotte, NC about a month or so ago, and now they are absolutely in love with all things fish. They can't say "Fish" yet, but they are definitely working on adding that to their vocabulary. Finding Nemo and Finding Dory are big hits in our house now... not that I didn't love them before they were 'cool'.

Dino Pool Party Invitation, Pool Party Invite

Finally, this is also a favorite. I love the vibrant colors and the theme of the dinosaurs by the pool. My kids have a summer month birthday, so having an outdoor pool party wouldn't be a terrible idea to keep people cool, all the while getting to enjoy the weather. 

This past Christmas, my sister who is in the Army (so proud of you sis and appreciate all you do for our country), sent the boys a bulk pack of toy dinosaurs. Since we have been learning the names of the dinos and learning what they eat too. They absolutely love dinosaurs now... their favorite thing to say is "RAWR!!". I guess it's a good thing I know that Rawr means "I love you" in dino.

Get out Amazon for your little one some cool Dinos 

Saturday, November 28, 2015

So, I'm Way Behind...

I'm just starting to check out all of the cool new products that the Print On Demand company, Zazzle has recently began offering for us independent artists' to design on. I'm loving what I'm seeing so far, but because it's getting colder here in NC, I'm really loving that they now have fleece blankets!!

I've taken it upon myself to play around with some of my designs and make a few. Here is one of a baby blanket that I've done so far. I really like it.


 Now check out some of my favorites from other great artists:


I'm loving this simple soft yellow houndstooth pattern baby blanket. Yellow is E's favorite color right now. Baby's love things that are bright and fun to look at. This lovely blanket design by heartlocked definitely is just that.


This custom subway art style baby blanket is simply a pure genius design by adams_apple. I love the ease of the customization! All you have to do in order to personalize this blanket with your son's name is enter it into the text field. Awesome!


I love the idea behind this blanket design. As a Mother, I want a keepsake that is going to remind me of when my boys were small and of the most important day of my life. This blanket does that by allowing a mom to personalize the blanket with the height, weight, date, and time of her son's birth on it. Artist samack also has one for a little girl here

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Prodigal Blogger Returns

I feel like all I have done on my blogs, FB page, Twitter, and other social media is apologize for being away for so long.  So here goes anyways... I'm sorry. 

I had no intention of being absent for this long. Life threw our family a few curve balls, and of course they came flying one right after the other. 

The good news...

My mother is now 1 year cancer free!

And now I'm a mother too!!

That's right! I've been flailing around unable to get on this wretched piece of technology to update anything or design anything new, because I was pro-creating not 1 but 2 awesome life-forces.

Identical twin boys!
Copyright! Be respectful, don't steal.
M and Z- my little minions :)

My last post here was last October, and I found out I was pregnant with my boys in November 2014. They were born in June, on the 18th. So obviously they are a bit older now, but that is one of my favorite photos of them. :)

Anyways, so that's what is new with me. I hope to post something new at least every couple weeks as time and my children permit. Gotta work around them now of course... they are the boss right now. 

Speaking of children, I'm crazy over taking photos of them and now I have this intense urge to create or personalize greeting cards, photo books, magnets, and well pretty much anything else I can put their adorable faces on, to send to people for the holidays. 

Here are some of my top picks: 

Twin Boys 1st Christmas Ornament
Twin Boys 1st Christmas Ornament by christmasshop
Look at Twin boys Ornaments online at


**Shop for holiday gifts and save up to 50% on your order at Zazzle by using the coupon code: BLACKFRIWEEK at checkout. **

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I've Been Absent For Awhile...

So, I know I've not posted here in a very long time. I actually nearly forgot about having a blog. There has been so much going on in my life in the last year that I just couldn't keep up. Well, now... I'm going to get you up to date.

Important news comes first!

 My mother had been diagnosed with stage 3 inflammatory breast cancer. That was July of 2013. She fought like a champ through 6 very aggressive rounds of chemotherapy, a mastectomy, and 33 rounds of strong radiation and now the doctors say that her cancer markers are good and as of now... by the grace of God, she is cancer free!

If you don't know what inflammatory breast cancer is, please do look it up online. Both men and women can get it. It is a very rare and aggressive cancer. 

Next on the list, I'm working a secondary job outside of designing now so I've been working my creative mojo around that. Complicated... but doable. 

Here's a little bit of all of the stuff I've gotten myself into the last year, so you can see what I've been up to. :)

Christmas Invitations with new paper stock styles!

New Wooden Phone Cases!

Belts & other cool accessories!!

I've definitely been staying busy with all of the new products that Zazzle & Cafepress have been adding to the market for me to design for. I'm loving every second of it too. 

What do I do when I'm not working, designing, or spending time with family and friends? 

The answer... writing! 

Check out some of my written ramblings Here!

I'm going to try to get back into blogging at least 1x a month so please leave a comment & let me know you've stopped by. :)