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Hi, My name is Kristina. Most call me KC for short. I am an abundantly happy wife, woman of faith and self-taught graphic artist. I also have a passion for being behind the camera. I love to try and capture moment that presents itself. I love to express myself in artistic ways. I utilize many artistic mediums and art forms in my creations. I do a bit of writing, singing and dancing as well. I find that it soothes me. I have discovered over the years that I am very passionate about art. I believe that art is an expression of our souls. It is an outward and bold reflection of our innermost thoughts and feelings. It is an undying emotion from the artist written in a language that the whole world can hear and understand; a universal language. It is vibrant, bold and astounding. It is beautiful, because we are beautiful! I believe that it is a part of all of us and it is all around us... we only need open our eyes to explore its beauty, let it soak in and become inspired by it.

I have recently begun selling my artwork online. If you wanna check out my shops or find out more about me, visit bwcdesigns.weebly.com

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