Saturday, October 13, 2012

Art Challenge- Verb/Hoof

I rather enjoy entering into the 2 Things Challenge each week. 

If you are just tuning in to my blog, the 2 Things Challenge is a weekly challenge that anyone (including you) may participate in and show off your artistic, creative and imaginative talents. Anything goes really... poetry, photography, digital arts, paintings... you name it. It is all in good fun too. There is no pressure and it gives you the chance to challenge yourself or to push your self to the limits. 

Give it a shot! We could always use more creative minds joining us.
Simply go to 2 Things Blog and introduce yourself. Oh, and don't forget to follow the blog to keep updated on the weekly challenges.

This weeks' challenge is Verb/Hoof
and here is my entry:

 Obviously a verb is 'something you do' so the image above is a text image made up of verbs related to things that horses do or that can be done with a horse (ex:riding, racing). I chose a horse because it is one of the animals which has 4 hooves (plural of hoof). 


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  1. Sure, I'll repost the comment.

    What I said was:

    Very creative. I really like this one.

    Don't forget to leave a link on the Two Things blog so I won't forget to include this.


  2. What a wonderful creative interpretation!


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