Saturday, November 17, 2012

Art Challenge- Chain/Free

This weeks' art challenge by 2 Things Blog was one that was especially fun for me because I finally got to play around with some scrap fractal images that I had virtually lying around. The challenge for this week is Chain/Free. 

Here is my entry:

The above image is meant to symbolize a love chain that has been broken (I.E. the lack of connection in the center). I made this kind of as a tribute to those who have been in longstanding relationships that were abusive or painful and have finally been freed from that bondage. The chain has finally been broken- freedom is yours and a chance to love again awaits.


  1. Well done. Thanks for participating.

  2. Kristina...I love your "Love Chain"! Reminds me of the love chains that we made when I was a young teenager, out of gum wrappers.

    1. lol I would have loved to have seen them. Maybe you could make one again and blog about it. I don't think I've ever seen one. Sounds really neat though. Thanks!

  3. Unfortunately, they don't make gum wrappers anymore. Just the foil. Another sad sign of the times. I do, though, have a piece of a gum wrapper chain around here somewhere. If I ever come across it again, I will take a pic of it and post it. ; )


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