Thursday, January 26, 2012

Zazzle Starts The New Year With Lots of New Gear!

Zazzle has been kicking out new products left and right since just before the new year. They are seriously on a roll. I love it! I am amped up, excited and cannot even keep up with all of the new products they have available right now. One thing I anticipated the most was the partnership that Zazzle now has with Rickshaw Bagworks! These bags are incredible. Not only does Zazzle now carry the messenger bags by Rickshaw, but they also carry iPad 1&2 sleeves, laptop sleeves and folio planners that have a space for phones in them. All of these things are fully customizable! 
That is the absolute best part. 

Anywho, now to the fun part! Here are some absolutely fantastic custom gift ideas on some of these new products made from other fellow Artists who have a shop at Zazzle. 

Another greatly anticipated product that has arrived at Zazzle is the 100% American made water bottles by Liberty Bottleworks. 

Zazzle has also begun what I can only describe as a 'top secret' and very exciting venture into a new type of custom shoe, so right now shoes cannot be purchased thru Zazzle. The unveiling of said 'top secret' new shoe is supposed to be coming soon. I can't wait for that either.  Be sure to keep checking back because you know I will be sharing some awesome shoes as soon as they are made public!
 Stay tuned :)

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