Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Art Challenge- Town/ Illusion

I am running a bit late on this challenge by 2 Things Blog... I got caught up with work and home type stuff. For some reason or another I thought "Town/Illusion" was this upcoming Sunday's theme but missed some weekend's somehow LOL. Sorry about that. I get ahead of myself sometimes, and then I get lost in translation. Anywho, I am back... at least for the time being. Being late, I am unsure of whether my submission will take... but I would like to share it anyways. 

When I saw the theme for the week, it reminded me of my trip to Tennessee for my husband's and my honeymoon. On the way to the place in which we were staying, we had to pass all of the tourist attractions in the town of Pigeon Forge. One of the attractions we passed was an attraction called "Wonderworks". This attraction stood out to me because the whole building was designed upside down! I only had a disposable camera back then, so I tried my best to take a decent photo of the attraction as we passed it.

You'll also see a small glimpse of me in the side view mirror taking the picture LOL. 

In this town of Pigeon Forge I am awed by the building that gives
an illusion that it has been dropped from Heaven. 

This building has the appearance that it fell from the sky and landed upside down. It is cracked in certain places of the foundation and on the columns in certain places, to imply this. I believe this place is a museum for children. There is apparently another one of these cool attractions in Florida. It looks like a great place to visit. I bet it is quite fun too!
Have you ever been to Wonderworks? Tell me about it in the comments!


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