Sunday, January 22, 2012

Never Alone- Poetry

It may seem overbearing at times as if it leaves you in the dark but when life gives you struggles, remember your faith.
 Listen for my voice child, I will lead you home. 
Don’t let evil surpass greatness. Remember that you are the light. 
When you feel lost my child, take a moment to look within yourself. My spirit is within you guiding your way. 
Not alone will you fight against demons... I will fight by your side. Together we will conquer your fears. 
My child; take my hand and I will guide you. 
You shall never again be left in the dark...I will light your way. Follow me my child, I will never leave you alone.

**Never Alone Poem ©Kristina Conatser, All rights reserved. Please do not copy my poetry or take pieces from it and claim it as your own. Also, if you would like to share it with others, please do not copy it and distribute it but instead, share this article. Respect my rights please. Thank you!**

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