Thursday, March 22, 2012

#Win #Free #Gas- #Giveaway from #Coupon #Cabin

Gas isn't cheap these days and it is only getting worse by the looks of it. I can already imagine, if it keeps this rate here where I live, it may just be over $5 a gallon within the next two months. It is insane and outrageous. 

Coupon Cabin wants to help ease some pockets from the pinch at the pump with their gas giveaway. The giveaway will consist of one grand prize winner and fifty (that's 50) runner-ups. 

The winner of the grand prize will receive free gas throughout the Summer. That sounds like an awesome prize I think just about anyone could jump for joy for. 

The 50 runner up winners will receive a $50 gift card for gasoline. I could go for that too. That is one less time I would have to fork out $ at the pump. 

Are you interested?

Sign up with and enter into the giveaway today for your chance to win free gas for the summer or a $50 gift card to help with the next time you're at the pump. Every little bit helps and you may have just what it takes to win. Enter here

Don't forget to share this giveaway with friends and family too! Tweet, share on FB, email etc... spread the word. 

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