Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Art Challenge- Hidden/Control

Sorry this week's art challenge post was a bit late. I have had a busy weekend. I have been making up for it with a lack of energy and lots of rest from so much running around. Anyways, back to business... the challenge for this past Sunday from 2 Things blog was Hidden/Control. I have two interpretations to share. 

Please forgive me that these photographs have been taken by the camera on my phone. 

Remote Control for TV lodged between cushions of sofa

In the photo above, my TV remote control is partially hidden and lodged between the cushions of my sofa. Thus it is literally a Hidden/Control :)

Sandbox  Apple shaped toy partially hidden in the sand 

In the above photo, there is what appears to be a green outline of an apple breaching from the sand. This apple is shaping and controlling the sand within it while the sand is hiding the rest of the toy. Thanks to my wonderful 2 year old niece for helping with this one. 


I hope you enjoyed my interpretations. Do you have any Hidden/Control interpretations of your own? If so, share them in the comments. Thanks for reading and visiting.


  1. I found it, and included the link on the 2 Things page. The apple thing is interesting. Is that a cookie cutter?

    1. Thanks! No the apple things is like half of an apple. Some type of sandbox toy thing my niece plays with in her sandbox. The round part was hidden in the sand.


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