Monday, June 18, 2012

Art Challenge- Wooden/Words

This challenge post is just a bit late due to the fact that I was out most of the weekend with my Husband celebrating our 6 year anniversary. We had so much fun. We took a trip to the Mountains and went on various walking/hiking trails. I took my camera along. 

We love the scenery of the Mountains. The serene and peaceful waters, the elevation and even the air we breathe somehow seems uplifting. We definitely prefer Mountains over Beaches. 

On a related but more interesting note, I didn't realize that while we were out walking the trails of the NC & TN Mountains at Blue Ridge Parkway- that I would stumble onto a few great captures for this very art challenge. I want to thank 2 Things Blog for allowing my late entry. 

Here are my entries for Wooden/Words

This photo was taken on the walking/ Disc Golf trail in NC
Wooden Sign with overlook info at Blue Ridge Parkway
Moses Cone Overlook elevation 3888ft

While traveling along a walking trail, my Husband spotted this broken tree branch
 with  an arrow pointing down and text which reads:
"This End Up"

Hope you have enjoyed this week's photo challenge. I will try my best to get the next one in on time. Many thanks for viewing. Have a great week and please feel free to leave comments. :)


  1. Worth the wait. Thanks for your interpretations and Happy Anniversary.


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