Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Shutterbuggerz Photo Contest Entry #2- PLEASE VOTE!

Last month I began taking a chance on myself as I pursued a few different media contests online. One of them was the Shutterbuggerz Photo Contest. I didn't win but I had a lot of fun entering and taking a chance on myself. You can see the photos I entered for last month's contest here.

I have decided to try my luck and talents again this month. I have entered 5 new photographs for the November contest. If you like them, please take a moment and click the little green thumbs up for me and leave a kind comment. I would truly appreciate your support. 

Click on the images to be taken to Shutterbuggerz where the photo can be made larger &to vote. To vote on an image(once you are at the shutterbuggerz site), click the image once then hover your mouse over the image and click the green thumb in the top right corner. Thanks!

Submitted by CapturedbyKC
Submitted by CapturedbyKC

Submitted by CapturedbyKC

Submitted by CapturedbyKC

Submitted by CapturedbyKC

What's the Prize? 
The top selected photographs (chosen by smugmug) are placed into Sophie magazine and two winners are chosen... one amateur photographer and one professional photographer. 

The amateur photographer winner will receive $25
The professional photographer winner will receive a free ad with an estimated value of $350 in Sophie magazine for the following month.

You could enter your photographs too, next month before the 10th. Anyone can enter and you can enter up to 5 of your own photographs.


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