Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fractal Bags

I love fractals. I always have. Occasionally I will play around with Tierazon, Agony or Apophysis fractal programs to make my own fractals. I have made some great looking fractals too, but I can't seem to make anything what I have found online. I think fractals look way wicked on products... especially bags. 

Right now there is a sale going on. You can save 20% on custom bags with this promotional coupon: ITSINDETAILS at Zazzle.

Check out these awesome fractal bags:

Shining Leaves Fractal Art Messenger Bags by FractalWorld

Dreamy Red and Green Sweep Messenger Bag by Exit178 

Abstract Fire Glass Rickshaw Messenger Bag by duhlar 

Olive green and mauve fractal messenger bag by Christy_LeighH 

Squared Blue Courier Bags by NorwegianAngel 

Fractal Ruffles Commuter Bags by BWC Designs 

Swirlicious 2 messenger bags by artisticfractal 

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