Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Freebie Bottle Cap PNG Templates

** Free Bottle Cap Templates **

For a long while I was looking for these types of templates so that I could design some bottle cap graphics for a friend who makes them. Then I thought to myself, I can just make my own. So here are 2 PNG downloadable 1 inch bottle cap templates for your bottle cap designing endeavors. They may not be 100% perfect, but they are 100% free for commercial and personal use. Have fun!

**To download these templates, click on the image of the one you'd wish to use and it will redirect you to Deviantart. Then to the right of the image there will be a 'download' button.**

4x6in sheet 1 inch bottle cap template 

8.5x11in sheet 1.5 inch bottle cap template
(resolution: 300dpi)

Be on the look out for more bottle cap freebies coming soon!


  1. Hi, I tried to use the second one but it doesnt work :(

    1. so sorry, I was notified of this recently. I will be uploading them to my Deviantart account and making them available for download and sharing the link here. So sorry. I will have the updated links up soon. My apologies.


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