Thursday, October 3, 2013

Halloween T-shirts That'll Tickle Your Funny Bone

  Zombies - Eat Flesh! Restaurant Mens Tshirt
This tee designed by Reaphavok is one of my personal favorites. I do love Subway and am a total lover of anything that has to do with Zombeh. ^_^

This pun-y tee designed by TheSpottedOlive makes the Halloween candy I detest- Candy Corn- look cute. ;)

This funny tee designed by PinkInkArt features a skeleton having a bone in his leg taken off by a dog. Silly dog! That's not a treat!! lol

You've gotta have a little gutter humor for this tee designed by TheFightingCock . A zombie's worst fear are necrophiliacs.

If  you've ever gone ghost-hunting or captured a few orbs in your photographs, this tee designed by Jshuedesign will have your rolling. "We grab our ghosts by the orbs"

This tee designed by Classictshirts  was inspired by the big stay Puft Marshmellow man who took rampage on the town in the movie Ghostbusters!

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