Monday, May 22, 2017

My First Time Potty Training. What Works?

So this article is a little off course from my usual blog content, but I just wanna vent today. Of course, if you're reading and you have any tips or advice on the subject matter, I welcome it in the comments.. just don't be a negative Nancy.

Finding my way in the SAHM world doesn't seem to be an easy task. I feel overwhelmed by so much to do and now I am trying to potty train two toddlers! Thank God for the internet, that's all that I can say, because otherwise I think I would tearing my hair out. 

There are so many great blogs and articles on how to do things, or fun activities for indoors when it's raining, and DIY kid friendly crafts and experiments that will surely entertain. You can check out my DIY Frugal Fun & Baby & Kids Stuff boards on Pinterest for some nifty things.

Getting back to the potty training. I am really struggling with this. How do you know when they're really ready? I thought for sure it was when they began pulling off their pants and diapers, and when they don't fill a diaper overnight. 

How does one deal with not 1 but 2 very active toddlers who take their diapers off and run around the house naked... in opposite directions?! How do I wait until they're ready without trails of urine lining down the halls? 

I decided, I'm not waiting. I'm not going to rush them or push them if they aren't ready. But I'm not waiting either. We decided to buy 2 of these Fisher Price Learn to Flush Potty's 
and now every single time I go to the restroom, they come with me. I ask them each time if they would like to sit on their potty. Right now, they are happy to sit on the potty... in their pants and/or diaper. But for me that's okay. I want them to feel comfortable sitting on it and don't want to pressure them to use it. They do love to flush the potty and hear the sounds it makes. 
I am currently trying a reward system too, but I'm not so sure how well it's working. We are currently using stickers. We bought a few of these Fun Express Zoo Animal Rolls to reward them when they sit on the potty without a fuss and don't climb the bathroom counter. 

I also saw these super cute Potty Training Stickers on Zazzle 

Do you/ did you use a reward system when potty training? 
What worked best for you? 
Share your tips and tricks for potty training in the comments. I will take all of the help I can get. :)

Thanks for reading my potty training rant.

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