Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What Do You See?

So, for today I thought I would get interactive with you. I hope you will join me. I was browsing through my photography and digital creations pondering about today's post, when I came across one of my oldest abstract designs! I think it's fun to gaze upon abstract creations and try to depict what we believe they could be. Kind of like when you make up what the clouds in the sky are forming into. It's a great use of the imagination... and it's fun! Join me and let's discuss what we think is within this abstract image together. 

Abstract "What Do you See" Art © 2011 Kristina Conatser (BWC Designs), All rights reserved.

I wanna hear from you! Let me know what you see in this funky abstract image. 
Leave it in the comments. 

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