Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Silly Drawings

I am majorly one who does not partake in drawing. I am simply not very good at it. My brother inherited that skill from somewhere, I didn't. My artwork is mostly derived from my photography, vectors I have made using Inkscape and fractal programs. I do sometimes endeavor to draw though and I do have a few products with my hand-drawn artwork on them. I never tend to leave my hand-drawn artwork as is, so I usually put my drawing into Photoshop to touch it up a bit and bring out the colors. 

Last night, so I put pencil to pad and went to work. It took me some time to do three silly little drawings, but I like them and would like to share them here today. I would really love your input about them. Please leave me a comment or send me a message using the contact me button. 

Amorette- Angel of Love
© 2012 Kristina Conatser (BWC Designs)

Aaralyn- Angel of Music
© 2012 Kristina Conatser (BWC Designs)

Butterfly on Flower © 2012 Kristina Conatser (BWC Designs)

I hope you will enjoy my art and share this article with others. 
P.S. These silly little doodles are being introduced into my Beauty Within Creation shop as you read this, so if you really like them be sure to keep checking back for when they'll arrive. Thanks for reading! 

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