Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weekly #ZGD Spotlight #Gift feature- Custom Drinkware

Each week, I like to feature some art from some of very talented artists I have met online who inspire me and have a passion for art and creating like I do. This week, I have chosen to showcase the teapots and American made eco-friendly water bottle products from five stores: Add More Color, Marta Harvey's Shop, Gkrew Productions, Susan Elkin Art and Briana Dragon Creations.

 Each of these stores have their own unique and expressive art style. These Artists' are very passionate, gifted and love to share the way they view things through art and with others. They have each opened these stores because it is their passion to share their creations with the world through the ability of being able to allow you to gift it to others. I hope you will enjoy these features and be sure to stop by and visit their stores to find the perfect one-of-a-kind custom gift just for you. 

Goth Tribal Flourish Gold Heart by brianadragon
This very cool goth style tribal art design is a unique dark heart design by Briana Blair. Add your own text or background color! 

Morning Willow by SusanElkin

This lovely teapot features a rural landscape with sun drenched willow tree. Luscious lime, mellow yellow, lemon, and greens contrast against the blue sky. The sun streams through this willow tree with its drooping branches as it creates shadows in the meadows and the farm land. This scenic land is in Greenfield, Massachusetts, US.

Black and White Hearts Teapot by addmorecolor
Enjoy a cup of tea with this stylish and simple teapot. Comes in small 11oz and medium 44oz. Be sure to find the matching pitcher, coaster and espresso mugs right here at Add More Color

White Snowflakes Fractal Bottle by gkrew1
Bottle featuring white snowflakes fractal pattern.

Hand Carved Flowers in Green Tones by martaharvey
Art by Marta Harvey. The artist carved two blocks for this flower design - you can see one of them has the inside of the petals carved out. These petals were then painted with shimmering watercolors (H2O's).


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