Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mother's Day Card-My Review

A part of being a growing artist is seeing what your product looks like in print. I have been ordering my designs so that I could see the quality of the print from the company I am working with, the quality my design and so that I may share my honest review of both the design and the product with you. 

Mother's day is coming up and although I had already ordered something special for my mother, I needed to order something special for my mother in-law. I decided that now would be a perfect time to order one of my religious inspired mother's day greeting cards. 

Here is the card I ordered: 
For You Mother by BWC Designs

and now for my review:

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the card. The card is firm, standard size and came well packaged in a timely manner. I actually received it a few days earlier than I was expecting. Every detail on the card came out exactly how it was designed. The colors were true to my design and what I previewed on the computer. My only negative comment is that the card was printed on glossy stock which is very professional looking but is also shiny and can detract from the design as well as easily pick up fingerprints. I hope that in the future other paper stocks become available for greeting cards.  Over-all, the greeting card came out wonderfully and I just know that on mother's day my mother-in law is going to love it!

Here are some photos of it that I took. Sorry for the poor lighting.

front of card and envelope that came with it

inside top of card- floral strip with customizable text

inside bottom of card- fully customizable text

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