Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fridge Magnets- My Review

As I dabble more into designing fully customizable gifts online, I become more addicted to seeing firsthand what they look like. That's a good thing- for you :). Now you can see and read my review about both my design and the product that was crafted by the printing company I use- Zazzle. 

current product review- 2'' square shaped refrigerator magnets. 
Here are the magnets I purchased:

Be Unique by BWC Designs

NO Mask! by BWC Designs

My review: First off, I must say that these magnets may be on the smaller side, but they are quite strong. The force of the magnet itself is very strong and doesn't allow for easily or accidental budging. In a nut shell, these little magnets stick! 

The printing was true to color and my designs came out exactly how I made them to look. Although one would think that 2''x2'' is relatively small, these magnets are really a nice simple size; not too bulky. These magnets are not flexible or bendy but are very durable with a Mylar protective covering. The covering is meant to be scratch resistant but I noticed a few very small, very light scratches when one of the magnets was tilted at an angle. The scratches are faint and not noticeable when looking directly at it. I believe these little magnets are meant to last.

I am over-all very satisfied with the product itself and my designs. I believe the quality of the magnets is wonderful and that Zazzle (the printing company) did a great job with the product as well as printing my design to the truest and greatest ability possible.

A few photos: My apologizes for the poor quality

Be unique Magnet on my fridge

Both magnets on my fridge

No Mask! Magnet- poor lighting messed up colors on masks in photo

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