Sunday, May 20, 2012

#Office Accessory Swirls Delight #Mousepad- My Review

So far, I have made two other reviews of past products I have purchased from the online 'Print on Demand' printing company, Zazzle. Previously, I ordered a greeting card for Mother's day and two 2'' refrigerator magnets. Both products were nearly exceptional in both quality and design. Today I am reviewing a mousepad that I purchased for my office space. 

Zazzle currently offers two different types of office mousepads. The first is the rectangle shaped standard mousepad with rounded edges and the second is the more premium round gel mousepad featuring a non-skid surface, custom design area as well as gel comfort wrist area too. I of course opted for comfort.

This is the mousepad I ordered:
Swirls Delight Gel Mousepad

Now for the review:

I was pleasantly surprised with this product. It arrived fairly quickly and was much larger than I had anticipated for some reason. The base of the mousepad or mat is solid, firm and really does take good grip to my desk area. The gel wrist area is quite firm but puts me in the mind of firm memory foam rather than gel. I like it. I find that I was not used to it at first so because of that, it was a bit uncomfortable. Prior to this mousepad, I have not had a gel mousepad or 'wrist comfortable' pad in years. The change was something I had to adjust to. After using it for a day though, I was able to use it with ease and complete comfort. 

As for the design area, I applaud the printing company for their work. I love the result. I designed this abstract, funky tangled swirls design myself and from the original in my files, the colors are nearly perfect. The design is exactly how I made it and everything was displayed how it is shown on the preview. Wonderfully made.

An additional note about this product:
Zazzle does not glue the mouse mat (the design area- or in this case the swirly part) to the base of the mouse pad. They arrive in one piece but are able to be taken a part so that you may remove the mouse mat to clean it and under it where dust and foreign objects (crumbs, hair, etc) may collect. The option is yours to decide whether to permanently make it one piece or keep it just the way it is. Personally I like that I can remove the mat anytime I need to. But if I should change my mind, a simple dab of crazy glue around the edge of the mouse mat (design area) will do the trick to keep it in place. :)

Some photos I took 
(poor lighting/ new camera issues please bare with me)

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