Monday, June 4, 2012

Father's Day Thoughts

Father's day is literally just around the corner and although my Father & I wont be spending it together, I still like to think about what I might would get him if we were. Dads can be hard to shop for. I remember when I was a child believing that my Father had everything or could make anything he wanted with his own hands. He was quite the skillful craftsman. I found it difficult to shop for him and so I made him silly little cards with poetry inside, hoping that would be good enough. I like to think of what I would buy him that he could enjoy, if he & I still communicated.

Thinking back, I recall how much my Father loved to fish.

One of my Father's Favorite things to say:

My Father loved to drink coffee. I think if I were to buy something, He would've enjoyed this and could use it daily:

Those are just a few things I believe would be fun little gifts to give to my Father. I wanted to imagine or think about things that I could relate to who he was, what he liked and what might would make him laugh. 

No matter what you choose to give to your Dad this Father's day, make it from the heart. Be sure to give it a little thought and make it special. Most of all & if nothing else, be sure to tell him that you love him. <3

A special note to my Dad: If you should ever stumble upon this, no matter what has been said and/or done in the past... you are my Father and I love you very much. 

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