Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Creations at Cafepress

It has been awhile since I worked on my Cafepress store so I figured I should spiff it up with a few new gifts. Since the last time I was there (as I mentioned, it has been awhile) they have added new product lines for me to design for such as shower curtains and picture frames. I'm starting slow there, but hopefully you will begin to see a lot more of my work on their featured and most popular selling product lines soon.

Check out some of my newest creations:

'O Hai' Cute Button-Eyed Zombie Dragon Shower Curtain
by BWC Designs

'Saved by Grace' Scripture Bumper Sticker
by BWC Designs

Butterflies iPhone case by BWC Designs

Wanna see more? 
or check out more  custom creations at

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  1. Your blog is different than the rest of them. I found it on the blogger home page. I have a site on cafepress coupons maybe we could trade links?


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