Sunday, July 29, 2012 Canvas Product Review

A few weeks ago, I found a sweet deal on canvases from a website I had previously never heard of before called I researched it a bit first and gave it a bit of thought before proceeding, but since a lot of reviews I read were pretty decent and the price was completely unmatched... I took a shot in the dark. I ordered 2 8x12's -one vertical and one horizontal- and only paid (including any shipping) $15.39. To me, that is a steal!

About The Quality
The quality wasn't bad at all and each image was tightly wrapped on the canvas wood frame. I do think that the design generators "safe area" online and the actual print area is a wee bit off though as a small (hardly noticeable) feature of one of my designs was meant to be more on front of the canvas than off to the side... but because it is so tightly wrapped I am okay with this. If I had prepped/ resized my image a bit better and made sure I had room for stretching, everything would be as I intended. The main and most important parts of my image were still centered where they should be and I am pleased about that. Both canvases came out true to color and design. 

About The Service/Shipping
 I ordered them on July 4th and received them July 27th. I think though that it takes them 3-5 days to manufacture canvases. If it took them 5 days to manufacture them, it only took them 13 days to ship it to me... which is really good. I say this because their FAQ states:
Please allow up to 10-12 working days for your product to arrive. If your order has still not arrived after this, please contact our Customer Care team who will look into the matter for you.

 The only issue I had with the whole order from there is the fact that the only email notification I received was a order confirmation. I didn't receive anything else from them until I inquired about my tracking number because they ship via UPS and Fedex. They were nice and promply responded by telling me that there should have been emails sent to me to inform me about my order as it progressed. They also informed me about what was going on with my order and when (an estimate) I should expect it to arrive. 

Over-all, I am pleased with my order. I ordered both canvases in hopes that they would turn out well enough to give to loved ones as gifts for the holidays. Thanks to PosterXXL for providing quality canvases. You really came through.

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