Thursday, July 25, 2013

Custom Flip Flops Designed by Me, Made Special by You!

I'm super excited that one of the POD(Print On Demand) sites that I utilize has finally partnered with a fantastic company, Sandalei, in order to allow myself and fellow contributing freelance artists/designers the opportunity to place our designs and artwork on flip flops. 

You can check out some of the awesome custom flip flops already available for sale here.

Here are some of my latest flip flop designs:

Paisley Pattern Flip-Flops by BWC Designs by KC 

Red White and Blue Chevron Flip Flops by BWC Designs by KC

Neon Green Diamond Pattern Sandals by BWC Designs by KC 

See more of my custom flip flops here

This new partnership also allows people like you(the reader) the opportunity to visit Zazzle and design your own one-of-a-kind pair of flip flops!

Create Your Own Flip Flops

A testimonial from someone who has ordered a pair of Sandalei flip flops:
"I actually own a pair of "Sandalei" flip flop sandals. A friend of mine is an artist at the company website. My flops are priceless! Well made and comfortable! NOT anywhere comparable to "Dollar Store" flops or even Old Navy. These flops are well made with thick rubber.The images are beautiful. Clear and concise. I LOVE THEM!... We people in the "Beach States" live in our "flip flops"! I now live in Nevada, but still,we do flip flops and customized flip flops are the BEST! They are fun and we take them seriously! A pair to match EVERY outfit! I wear mine all year long. Beach people don't do heels!... I THANK Zazzle for giving us this product- the Sandalei flip-flop is a "good thing" and THIS product is great! Purchase one, try them on and you too will be sold! They are worth the price!"
-The Hungarican Princess


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