Wednesday, October 23, 2013

10 Elegant Thanksgiving Dinner Party Invitations

It's nearing Thanksgiving. A time for giving thanks, vibrant colors, tasty food, and spending time with the ones who mean most to you. 

One thing I've never really had the chance to do that I'd love to do one day is throw a more formal and elegant style Thanksgiving dinner party. I went through and found 10 of my favorite elegant, classy, and most traditional looking Thanksgiving dinner party invites that I'd use if I could throw a dinner party of my own... *sigh*... maybe someday when I have a big enough place. 
Anyways, check them out. 

 Falling red brown autumn leaves Thanksgiving feast Custom Announcements
This simple invitation designed by FidesDesign features colorful and vibrant falling autumn leaves. I really like this festive invitation because although it is simple, it is very elegant and colorful. 

  Thanksgiving Dinner Invitations 
This invitation designed by SquirrelHugger really grabbed my attention because of the vibrancy of the colors. My favorite thing about this time of year is the color of the leaves... the reds, yellows, and golds. This festive invite features those beautiful colors and a touch of elegance too.

 Elegant Thanksgiving Dinner Invitation
This invitation designed by Samack is more traditional and classy. I love the very elegant look and the family tree as the main decorative piece for the design really draws my attention.

 Stylish Celebration Thanksgiving Dinner Invitation
This invitation by BerryBerrySweet is another one that is more of a simplistic design. The elegant border on the dark brown background with three autumn leaves makes this a very elegant invite that isn't overdone.

This text design invitation by FineandDandy has a touch of modern with the ever popular 'Eat Drink and be Thankful' saying. I love the fonts and pure simple elegance of this invitation.

This invitation designed by Reflections06 captivated me because of it's elegant formal style lettering and floral embellishments.

This Fall season inspired invitation designed by Pics4Merch is simply beautiful with the fantastic colors and autumn leaves falling over glistening water. The design detail is amazing. 

This invitation designed by RileyandZoe draws me in by the vintage design elements and damask pattern border. The rustic autumn colors blend well together giving the whole invitation a very elegant look.

This invitation designed by BluePlanet gives a touch of realism with a photograph of a wooded path with falling autumn leaves. 

This invite designed by TheHolidayEdge is bold elegant and classy with red autumn leaves, golden bokeh, and borders. 
Don't like my selections but need some invitations for your dinner party? 
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