Monday, October 28, 2013

A Whovians Kind of Christmas

I dunno about you but I am a BIG Doctor Who fan. I absolutely love the show. I am really hating that Matt Smith is leaving and I'll probably be sobbing my eyes out, but I am open to the Peter Capaldi's arrival and eager to see how he wears the Doctor's coat & shoes. Which also makes me ponder... what will his quirky clothing item be? Will he have one? So many questions and I am ready to start finding out. XD

But first, there is the 50th Anniversary special featuring my favorite of the new (return of the series) Doctors- The Tenth Doctor- actor David Tennant. The special airs on November 23rd, 2013! I can't wait.

 See the trailer

Putting my excitement for the anniversary special aside, I wanted to talk about the Christmas special. This is where we will say goodbye and farewell to our beloved 11th Doctor - Matt Smith and will be introduced to the 12th Doctor- Peter Capaldi. I am eager to see how Peter plays the role of the Doctor and what type of personality the 12th Doctor will have, but I am also left wondering why a Christmas episode must be so sad with the death of the 11th Doctor. :(

Speaking of Christmas though... check out these awesome Doctor Who gifts. These would make a perfect holiday gift for the Whovian you know or even the Whovian in you. :D

The 11th Doctor's Sonic Screw Driver Universal Remote Control

The Doctor's Fob Watch

TARDIS Police Phone Call Box iPhone 5 Case

Dalek Caffeinate!!! Coffee Mug

Bad Wolf Tshirt

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  1. Thanks for taking the time (Oh, that's awful because no pun was intended!) to write the article :-) One can never have too much of a good thing where The Doctor is concerned. *bless*


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