Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Have a bit of Fun, Finish This Poem...

I have decided that although this blog is very new and I do not have very many followers yet at all, I would like to attempt an interactive post. I have written a random poem- something fun and light- about a cat. I would like for you to play ad-lib with me and help me conclude it. Finish the story. Will you help me? 

If you can't help, pass it around to your friends and family, let them help... anything silly, light and non-derogatory is welcomed(remember that young eyes may stumble upon this blog).

 I warmly welcome you to play along with me. You can add as many lines or as few as you'd like. You may even give ideas. I would just like to see this take off in a way like nothing else before. No need to worry about punctuation, spelling or things of that nature... this is purely for fun. Can't wait to see what you can do. Share share share. Enjoy~!

Calico Kitty Pop Art © 2012 Kristina Conatser, All rights reserved.

This is the story of a cat...
A cat who thought that he was all that.
He had the look.
 He had the style.
He even had a flashy smile.
This cat, he had it all...
With soft fluffy fur,
and a  pink button nose.
He even had well-groomed toes.
All that wasn't enough for this cat.
What he wanted, oh it was much more than that.
What he wanted was tiny and grey.
Each time he tried to catch it,
it would scurry away.
(bit added by reader Ani):
 He didn't want it for the reason you think. 
He just liked it 'cause His nose was also pink. 
(bit added by reader Myshelle):
Now our tiny and grey would scurry away, as fast as its little legs would carry it.
It has the jinx on our little minx.

Finish this story :) What happens next?


  1. He didn't want it
    For the reason you think.
    He just liked it 'cause
    His nose was also pink.

    1. Thanks for entering and playing along! :)

  2. Now our tiny and grey would scurry away,as fast as its little legs would carry it.It has the jinx on our little minx.

    1. Thank you for your adlib entry. Thanks for playing along. :)


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