Monday, March 5, 2012

New Daisy Themed Gifts Have Arrived

In my anxious wait for Spring,-which is quickly approaching- I have been working on artsy floral designs to sell online in my store. My quest began with Daisies. I love Daisies. They are so pretty, so popular and can be found almost anywhere because they are a multi-regional flower. They also come in different colors such as pink, yellow, white and even purple.

A few fun facts about Daisies:
  1. A Daisy is a type of wildflower that is said to have originated in Central, Western and Northern Europe.
  2. Daisies go well with nearly any other kind of flower in floral arrangements. White Daisies are often used as fillers in bouquets to create a dramatic look along with other more colorful flora.
  3. Daisies are the flower of choice for making flower chains, bracelets, headbands or necklaces.
  4. The leaves of a Daisies are edible and can be used as a healthy addition to a bowl of salad.
  5. A Daisy flower blooms at dawn and closes at night and so it is sometimes also called "day's eye"
  6. There are many different beliefs and stories about what Daisies symbolize but the over-all thought is that they represent light and adding brightness to people's lives.

Check out my Daisy themed gifts

Purple Flower Power Daisy Art
See this design on more custom gifts here

This Macbook sleeve featured here displays a fun artsy blooming royal purple and lilac pop art style Daisy flower with a vibrant yellow center. This is a very retro, funky and yet stylish floral design. 

This Daisy design is also available in a vibrant yellow. More colors coming soon and can be made upon request.

Pretty Pastel Daisies Floral Art
See this design on more custom gifts here

This custom coffee mug features a digitally etched/ illustrated image of four blooming daisies growing in the garden. 

This floral design is very soft, delicate and girly. It would make a great gift for mothers or friends.

Grunge Daisy Floral Art
See this design on more custom gifts here

This custom gift box features a white daisy flower with stained yellow petals on a grungy black background that has a crumbled paper textured appearance. 

always remember if you find something you like but it isn't on the product you want, send me a message using the contact button. I will gladly personalize your order for you. Requests are welcomed.

More Floral themed gifts are on the way just in time for Spring. Keep checking back to see what's new. Thanks for looking!

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