Saturday, November 5, 2011

Art Challenge- Bar/Yellow

I was invited by a very talented friend of mine, to join another blog in their weekly "2 Things" art challenges. I thought this was a great idea. Right now, you're probably wondering what the "2 Things" art challenge is, so I will tell you. Every week, the author of 2 Things Blog chooses 2 random subject that we artists must interpret into our artwork anyway we wish. It's all about using creativity, imagination and having fun. Anyone can join (including you!) and any form of art is welcomed, so long as it's family friendly.

This week's Challenge is- Bar/Yellow.
Here is my entry:

 Beauty Revealed © 2011 Kristina Conatser (BWC Designs)

The image above is my interpretation of this weeks art challenge. For the yellow, I chose a photograph of a blooming Sunflower and then photo-shopped the image causing bar-like separations within the graphic. To me, it almost looks as if vertical blinds have opened revealing a beautiful springy flower. 

What do you think of my floral image? I would love to hear from you! Thanks for viewing and thanks to 2 Things Blog for the art challenge opportunity.


  1. I love it! To me, it looks like the image is printed on the vertical blinds and they are almost completely closed, thus revealing the image. Great job, and welcome to our little challenge.

  2. Oh, very good. The sunflower behind the bars is a great interpretation of this theme.

  3. Hi KC! Glad to see you have participated in this week's 2 Things Challenge. What a lovely picture you have created with your sunflower photo....yes, it does look as if I am peering out through vertical blinds. Sunflowers are such a joy!

  4. Thank You all for your kind comments. I am glad to be a part of the challenge. It was fun to make something for this weeks subject. Thanks for including me. = )


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