Friday, November 11, 2011

Art Challenge- Wet/Hot

As you may have read previously in my last Art Challenge article, I have tuned in to the fun weekly events by 2 Things Blog and have begun participating as well. These fun events are free art challenges where 2 random subjects are chosen, and those who would like to join in artistically express their own unique interpretations of those 2 subjects thru photography, painting, crafting, digital art or whichever art form feels comfortable to them. Anyone's welcomed to join these art challenges and enter their art interpretations each week, so long as it's family friendly. 

This week's theme was Wet/Hot and here is my entry:
The Path Less Travelled © 2011 Kristina Conatser (BWC Designs).

The image above is my interpretation of this week's theme- wet/hot. When I think of this week's theme, I recall playing at the creek on a hot summer evening as a child. The Sun's reflect's on the wavy surface of the water as it flows ever so gently, heating the water up to a lukewarm and playful temperature; perfect for fun! This is where I am taken as I interpret this week's theme... where does it take you?

What did you think of my digital art interpretation? I would love to hear from you! Thank you for viewing and following Thru My Lens art blog.  I also would like to say thanks again  2 Things Blog members for giving me the opportunity. I had so much fun!


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